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Classic poem of the day

Thou king of terrors with thy gastly eyes,
With butter teeth, bare bones, grim looks likewise,
And grizzly hide, and clawing talons fell,
Op'ning to sinners vile, trap door of hell,
That on in sin impenitently trip,
The downfall art of the infernal pit,
Thou struck'st thy teeth deep in my Lord's bless'd side:
Who dashed it out, and all its venom 'stroyed
That now thy pounderall shall only dash
My flesh and bones to bits, and cask shall clash.
Thou'rt not so frightful now to me, thy knocks
Do crack my shell. Its heavenly kernel's box
Abides most safe. Thy blows do break its shell,
Thy teeth its nut. Cracks are that on it fell.
Thence out its kernel fair and nut, by worms
Once vitiated out, new formed forth turns
And on the wings of some bright angel flies
Out to bright glory of God's blissful joys.
Hence thou to me with all thy gastly face
Art not so dreadful unto me through...

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member poem of the day

My Translation

Let us live, my Lesbia, let us love,

and value the rumors of dour old men

at just a single penny.

The sun falls and rises again:

but for us, once falls the paltry

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